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Coffee types and quality

We often tell this management joke about coffee and the coffee machine. In fact, we tell it so often that it has become part of our company. And if that is the case, then coffee has become part of our… Continue Reading →

Is IT outsourcing right for you?

A strange Lithuanian name for outsourcing is “veiklos ranga”, which is neither a contract (because the relationship is not like that between a client and a contractor) nor related to the core business. But maybe it doesn’t matter, because you… Continue Reading →

How to organize IT processes in a small company?

There are entire books and even collections of books, such as ITIL, on how to manage IT processes in large companies. However, in some ways it is easier to manage processes in a large company than in a small one,… Continue Reading →

Color coding explained simply

Recently, the Ministry of Health announced the publication of our book – “Color coding. A book of recommendations.” This book is aimed at a wide range of healthcare and other institutions, businesses and anyone else who wants to manage the… Continue Reading →

What is a project manager?

It’s common to come across a job advert where a company is looking for a project manager, but it turns out to be for a salesperson. Sometimes it even says “sales project manager”. Indeed, there are times when a salesperson… Continue Reading →

The very first blog post

Hello, this is the very first blog post in our English version blog. Simply to test our multi-language features here. Please visit our main site – Currently our site posts are in Lithuanian language, but English is coming soon… Continue Reading →

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